Bashkir Kurai Flute - Legend of the Crane

by Paul Winter & The Great Rift Valley Orchestra



In this track: Azat Aitkulov of the Bashkir tribe from the Ural Mountains in Russia plays on his kurai flute a song about the legend of the crane, entitled Zhuravel.

Flyways ( ) is a musical celebration of the great bird migration between Africa and Eurasia along the Great Rift Valley. It follows the birds' long journeys using music of the cultures over which the birds fly, interwoven with the voices of the birds themselves.

The work is performed by a new international ensemble, The Great Rift Valley Orchestra, comprised of musicians from cultures throughout the region and including members of the Paul Winter Consort.

These are some of the voices and instruments who will be featured in the Flyways album. Featured artists in these field recordsing include: Andre Kalima and Mwanaima Mrutu of Tanzania, Andy Cooke of Uganda, Azat Aitkulov of the Bashkir tribe from the Ural Mountains in Russia, and Paul McCandless of the United States.

Flyways is a project of Music for the Earth, a non-profit organization, in collaboration with a range of partners, including environmental organizations, ornithologists, conservationists, ethno-musicologists, and musicians.

This Flyways CD will be released in 2011.


released 04 March 2010



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